Stone Belt Freight began hauling Indiana limestone by truck in the early 1950s. In those days everyone knew limestone to be "America's building stone." Landmarks such as the National Cathedral, the Pentagon, Rockefeller Center and a host of other buildings and monuments all used the strong and rugged stone quarried from the southern Indiana hills. Extracting the slabs from the ground was challenge enough. Transporting it to the various building sites in the area and beyond had its own demands.

At the time, the majority of the limestone moved by rail. Stone Belt Freight bucked the trend and soon converted many limestone suppliers to truck service. As a small company, we concentrated on providing good local service to the limestone industry from our base in Oolitic, Indiana. We've hauled stone for numerous schools, churches, homes, libraries and office buildings in Indiana and neighboring states. The America United Life Insurance Company building in Indianapolis was our largest project prior to 2000. However, the new Keystone building in Harrisburg, PA equalled the 300 loads used in this project.

During motor carrier deregulation in 1980, Stone Belt Freight seized the opportunity to expand and enter new markets. The country was undergoing a building boom. And US Gypsum Company near Shoals, Indiana, was a major supplier of gypsum wallboard. Seeing the advantage of consistent, year-round shipments, we began hauling sheet rock for USG. In 1983 we relocated our operations to Shoals and built a first-rate maintenance garage on USG property. Starting small, we worked our way up to 40+ loads per day for USG, displacing a much larger carrier in 2000.

With loads of gypsum, stone and other products moving out of Indiana on Stone Belt Freight flatbeds, securing return hauls made good transportation sense. Lumber, steel, bricks, pre-cast concrete and other flatbed commodities all fit well into our transportation niche and allowed us to become a full-service flatbed carrier both in and outside of Indiana. Today some of our largest accounts are inbound customers. Stone Belt Freight hauls raw materials and supplies to companies in southern Indiana and transports their finished products to destinations across the country.

In 1993 we purchased a new office adjacent to our garage, allowing us to expand operations to include dispatch, safety and recruiting. We are now well positioned to travel new roads into the 21st century and continue to search the horizon for new opportunities. Our goal in southern Indiana is twofold-to seek out more customers and provide them with cost-effective transportation solutions and hire dedicated drivers to help us achieve that end. Stone Belt Freight.

We grew by 36% last year. Can we still grow more? You bet. We're looking for the right fit. It may be you.


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