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 We know our Professional Drivers have a strong support team at home. Driver still have the option to submit Time Off Requests via PeopleNet, in addition, drivers and home team members can submit request online! When a request is received a Stone Belt staff member will contact the employee, confirm the dates and times, and process the request immediately.


**The time off request form will remain at the top of this page**



Stone Belt Slab June Edition

The Slab Online Vacation Request Form

The vacation request form will continue to be found at the top of The Slab page. This will allow the form to remain easily accessible- updates and newsletters will continue to be found just below the vacation request form.

Stay tuned the June Slab with be posted shortly!



Driver Pay Increase ****EFFECTIVE 7/1/2013

We would like to say thank you to our driver panel that helped with the development of the new pay scale. Your insight is our most valuable resource. We couldn't have done it without you!  

If you haven't spoken to Kelsy already regarding driver pay increases, stop in next time your in the terminal! She will be happy to review the increase with you.


Stone Belt Slab June Edition


CSA 2010

Several of you may already know that Stone Belt Freight Lines is over the safety threshold in 2 of the 7 Basic Safety Categories:  Unsafe Driving and Cargo Related/Load Securement.  In looking at the root cause of these high scores, I have found that over half (51%) of the points were caused by SPEEDING and OBSERVABLE  DEFECTS (such as improper load securement).  When an Officer observes these behaviors he will often pull over a driver AND THEN, conduct an inspection.  These inspections can add CSA points to the driver and the company—this is how the remaining 49% of our points were generated.  By simply watching your speed, and taking care of basic lighting and load securment issues, your CSA scores will lower over time—-as well as the company’s score.  Your help in lowering our scores is needed and appreciated!  Once we are below these thresholds DOT will have less of a reason to inspect our vehicles.

Safety Meeting Postponed

Due to the IMTA Truck Rodeo falling on 6/17/11-6/18/11, (which I am taking participating in) the safety meetings for this weekend are rescheduled for 6/24/11 at 1600 in Shoals, and 6/25/11 at 0900 in Bloomington.  These will be the last Safety meetings of the second quarter.  Hope to see you there.



In this photo you can see a 15 foot long piece of limestone that was loaded on a 4 foot pallet.  During it’s trip to New Hampshire, it broke off at the edge of the pallet (poor loading at shipper). However, when picking up a load and you see something like this, notify someone and get the load properly supported before proceeding.

GPS: Friend or Foe?

  GPS units have become the newest standard in the professional drivers arsenal. There are two classifications of GPS units; truck specific and non-truck specific. Non-truck specific GPS units spell disaster for the commercial motor vehicle. Horror stories abound with GPS units routing drivers on weight restricted roads, through low over passes,  dirt roads, etc. While truck specific GPS units show significant improvement over their counter part– they are not without error.  Units are only as good as their programmer, and units must have their maps updated regularly. To upgrade the maps on your unit– you must plug the unit in to a computer and download the newest available maps from your GPS manufacturer. If you need assistance please contact a member of the Stone Belt staff . We will be happy to help.

 GPS units can be very effective for assisting the driver, but is merely a tool. A piece of electronic equipment should never over shadow common sense, the human eye, and an atlas. If the route your GPS has chosen looks questionable, it probably is.

Pull The Plugs - Check Your Hubs!

  So far this quarter two drivers have lost their wheel assemblies due to their hubs over heating. Thankfully, no one has been injured. Pull the plugs and check your hubs! If your oil level is not adequate please add more. Each driver will be issued one quart of oil in the coming weeks. As you know we drop trailers at multiple locations, many times dropped trailers sit for an extended period of time. These periods of inactivity can allow a significant amount of oil to be lost without anyone knowing.


Stone Belt Hats

The votes were cast and the order placed. The Stone Belt 60th Anniversary hats should be available shortly. We will let everyone know as soon as they arrive. Which hat won? You’ll just have to wait and see!

Drivers Lounge

The wall construction is done, painting complete, and the carpet is down. We are moving the furniture over the next week, and the satellite television should be installed before the end of the month. If you have anything you would like to suggest for the drivers lounge please let us know!

Stone Belt Website

At the beginning of May, we launched our new website. The new website is completely managed in house– which means we have much greater control over content and can update much more frequently. Infact, you will notice that the Stone Belt Slab text only version is also available on the website. We are very excited with the new options  now available. Currently, we are testing a platform that would give us the capability to offer online safety meetings! Stayed tuned for more exciting options to come.


Please remember to keep at least 3 TCH checks with you in the truck. More and more we see service companies unwilling to take credit cards over the phone, and many times they do not carry TCH checks. If you do not have a TCH check in the truck the delay could be substantial while we find a payment solution the vendor will accept.



Just a friendly reminder from you billing and payroll staff. It can be very difficult to hunt down which driver paperwork belongs to without the proper information listed. So please use your stickers. If you run out of stickers, until you are able to get more please list all of the same information on your bills and receipts. Thanks for your help!

     - Billing and Payroll

Summer Reminders

If you haven’t all ready please make sure to check your air conditioner on both the truck and APU if you have one. Keep plenty of fluid on hand for these hot summer days ahead. If you are short any inventory on your truck, especially rolls of plastic, please let the safety department know.




Thank you for your hard work and dedication:

  • · Andy Eads        6/5/03   8 yrs
  • · Seth Ennis          6/7/10   1 yr
  • · Jim Adams        6/13/07  4 yrs
  • · Jim Harris          6/28/10  1 yr




Welcome to the Stone Belt Family!

  • · Geoff Black
  • · Gerard Obenski
  • · Leon Brosman
  • · Dan Holstlaw
  • · William Wilson


And Welcome Back

  • · Robby Holt
  • · Mark Todd



  • · Jim Harris                   6/1
  • · Ron Morris                  6/5
  • · Glen Sample               6/9
  • · Ted Benckart              6/14
  • · Danny Buchanan      6/22
  • · Alan Scott                    6/23
  • · Heather Coons          6/24
  • · Jim Reynolds              6/27
  •    John Egan                  6/30



Driver Pay Increase ****EFFECTIVE 6/1/2011

If you haven't already spoken to Kelsy or Rafael about your pay increase contact them now! They will be happy to review the new pay scales with you.


Stone Belt Launches New Website

On May 3, 2011 Stone Belt launched their new website. The website offers a number of expanded options in a user friendly format. Stay tuned for more features COMING SOON!

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